Business Calendar Luxembourg 2020

luxembourg business calendar 2020

The 2020 Luxembourg Business Calendar celebrates the places of doing business in Luxembourg city. It includes pictures of the major business centers in Luxembourg city, like Kirchberg, Place de l’Etoile, Clausen, the downtown and so on. This calendar is only for corporate clients, it can be ordered in batches of minimum 50 copies. If you would like to order a single copy, please see the other calendars available HERE.

luxembourg business calendar

It’s a desk calendar, in A5 size (15×21 cm), small enough to place it on your desk, yet big enough for you to enjoy the pictures. It has 13 pages: one for each month + cover.

These are the images suggested for 2020 (but any image can be replaced with the image of your choice from the business section or any other section of this website):

business calendar Luxembourg 2020

The captions of photos are written in English, while the months and days of the week are written in English and French.

business calendar luxembourg 2020

The business calendar is only available for ordering in large batches for your company (over 50 pieces). I can include your logo and contact details on the cover and in the footer of each page. Just let me know of this before you order.

Order yours (and don’t forget to check out the other Luxembourg calendars available):

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