Business Calendar Luxembourg 2022

The 2022 Luxembourg Business Calendar is now available for preorders! Place your company on the desks of your partners and clients for a whole year! Each time they will write down an important date, they will remember you!

This offer is only for companies. For a single copy of the desk calendar, you can order -> HERE.

Luxembourg Business Calendar Desk 2021

This offer is only for companies. For a single copy of the desk calendar, you can order -> HERE.

The 2022 Luxembourg Business Calendar is a weekly desk calendar, perfect for business use, and celebrates the beauty of Luxembourg and the Greater Region in 52 pages, one page per week. For 2022, the Luxembourg Business Calendar has almost the same layout as the Luxembourg et la Grande Region calendar in desk size (15x21cm), with a few minor differences:

  1. The pictures can be changed according to your desire.
  2. Your logo can be inserted under the monthly calendar on the top right of the page
  3. Your contact details (address/phones/website) can be inserted under the days’ fields
  4. Other sizes are also available (such as A4)

The calendar also has 2 pages available inside for you to present your company the way you see fit (like a flyer, but it’s integrated in the calendar).

This calendar is only for corporate clients, it can be ordered in batches of minimum 50 copies. If you would like to order a single copy of a desk calendar, please see the other calendars available HERE.


As it’s a desk calendar, in A5 size (15×21 cm), it’s small enough to place it on your desk, yet big enough for your clients and partners to enjoy the pictures.

Any image can be replaced with the image of your choice from the business section or any other section of this website. You can even suggest one or two images of your own, if they’re professionally made and you have the legal right to use them in a promotional material.

The captions of photos are written in English, while the months and days of the week are written in English, French and Luxembourgish. One of the languages can be removed, depending on your needs.


The business calendar is only available for ordering in large batches for your company (over 50 pieces). I can include your logo and contact details on the cover and in the footer of each page, plus a flyer on 2 pages (front and back). Just let me know of this before or immediately after you order.

Luxembourg Business Calendar Desk

Order yours (and don’t forget to check out the other Luxembourg calendars available, if you’re thinking of another size, quantities discounts are available):