Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

The photos of Luxembourg displayed on my website are also available as signed, limited edition fine art prints. For orders in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the prints come already framed in a simple, black frame with white passepartout (mat). All fine art prints come with a certificate of authenticity.

Luxembourg fine art prints

The standard size of the prints is 40x50cm, in a 50x70cm frame. There are also 30x45cm, 60x90cm prints available.

They could be a beautiful Christmas gift for someone who loves Luxembourg!

Each edition has 25 prints (framed or desk prints). At the beginning of each edition, the first buyer of a print can decide to be the only one in the world who will have that print, by purchasing a UNIQUE Exclusive Print (for a higher price). The collectors who purchase UNIQUE Exclusive Prints can also choose their preferred size, between 30x40cm, 40x60cm, 60x90cm, up to 110x70cm (dimensions are approximate). After a limited edition print of an image is bought with a regular price, the option for UNIQUE Exclusive prints is no longer available for the respective image.

See a selection of images available as signed, limited edition fine art prints here.